The Netherlands-based, Joost van den Broek has produced, arranged, and mixed albums for over 10 years with great international success. Working for clients like Epica, Ayreon, Powerwolf and Blind Guardian, he has build up an impressive portfolio, received multiple gold and platinum awards and gained a reputation in the metal scene by consistently delivering the highest standard in modern, epic productions.


Joost mostly does FULL PRODUCTIONS being involved from the first demos until mastering, creating a unique concept and approach for each client. He manages the entire production process to keep a clear overview, planning and create a great work environment to get the best out of everyone.

He is also available to handle separate elements of your production:

MIXING – in the highest standards of both analog and digital domain

ARRANGING / ORCHESTRATION – with a master’s degree in classical arrangement

RECORDING – reaching the highest level in sound and performance

CO-WRITING – years of experience with an extensive discography

MUSICAL DIRECTION – manages the musical side of your live production

Project Spotlight

Ayreon - Electric castle & other tales (Live production)
Credits: lead producer, arranger, keyboards

'Electric Castle & other Tales' is the most recent Ayreon live show containing a dozen of well known international vocalists (such as Fish/Marillion), John DeLancy (Star Trek) as narrator, a state of the art band and ensemble, a huge stage design, stunning visuals and special FX, all to make Arjen Lucassen’s music come alive. The 4 show were completely sold out and attended by 12.000 people from 64 different countries. The whole city of Tilburg was turned into Ayreon-city for a weekend and all over town special events were organised for the fans. Joost in his role as lead producer, led a big team of over a 100 people, was responsible for a lot of communication, planning, administration, marketing and of course together with Arjen the musical side of the whole production. Besides this he also made all musical arrangements and played keyboards in the shows.

Epica - Omega (album)
Credits: production, recording, orchestral arrangement, mix, co-write

'Omega' is the 3rd, soon to be released, full length album Joost produced with Epica, next to working on some special projects and releases. The previous albums went straight to the top of the international charts. In these productions he is involved from the early demo’s till the mastering, keeping close touch with all details and steps along the way. Together with the band they define the next musical steps for the record, create a new concept and make a complete plan of approach and planning. A big part of such an epic production is done before the first note is recorded, so a lot of time is spend on songwriting, orchestrating, preproducing and rehearsing. For this album the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra has been recorded, a live classical choir, a big children’s choir, lots of orchestral percussion and authentic Indian instruments. The band is recorded in Sandlane Recording Facilities. Mixed by Joost, mastered by Darius van Helfteren. This album is being reviewed as a summon and new definition of the symphonic metal style.

Powerwolf - Call of the wild (album)
Credits: production, recording, orchestral arrangement, mix

After working on the orchestrations and choirs for the award winning and chart-hitting Powerwolf album ‘The Sacrament of Sin’ and the best-of album 'Best of the blessed' with re-worked/re-recorded song, Joost co-produced, orchestrated and recorded Powerwolf's new album 'Call of the wild' at Sandlane Recording Facilities. The single 'Dancing with the dead' received a platinum status soon after its release.

Blind Guardian - Deliver us from evil (single)
Credits: mix

As a long-time fan of Blind Guardian it was a huge pleasure to work together with Hansi Kursch and other band members in super group Demons & Wizards for their last album and live shows. After doing some preproduction for Blind Guardian’s upcoming album, I was chosen to do the mix. 'Deliver us from evil' is the first song taken from this album, which will be release later in 2022 through Nuclear Blast.

Blackbriar - The cause of shipwreck (album)
Credits: production, recording, orchestral arrangements & keys, mix

Blackbriar is a young symphonic metal band from The Netherlands, who in a short period of time gained a big following and a lot of attention online with millions of views on their videos. Joost made 2 EP’s with them, which got followed up by their highly acclaimed debut album. Together with the band he created a unique, distinctive and one-of-a-kind sound, which gives the band a special place within the female fronted metal scene.

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Epica - Universal Death Squad
ReVamp - Here's my Hell
Vuur - Days Go By (London)
Powerwolf - Demons are a girl's best friend
Ex Libris: ANN - chapter 2: The Motherland
After Forever - Energize Me
Off The Cross - The Dance
Navarone - Lonely Nights
My Propane - A dog is a dog


Sandlane Recording Facilities is Joost’s headquarters, established in 2009 in Rijen, The Netherlands. A state-of-the-art recording studio with a big live room characterised by stunning acoustics, a Neve mixing console, a phenomenal collection of microphones, amps, instruments, and a wide range of high-end outboard equipment.

"A pleasant working environment helps musicians reach their peak performance, which is why atmosphere is of paramount importance to us."

NB: Joost is flexible to work in any professional studio worldwide or remote recording situation, matching the preferences needed to achieve his production quality and client’s needs.

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